Growing up in Melbourne, I was always involved in something creative, but it wasn’t until I was 14 that I became interested in cameras. My father showed me how to use his very manual 35mm SLR film camera and I enjoyed taking it to the football to get action shots. Continuing through art school, I improved my photographic skills and spent a lot of time in the darkroom developing film and making 8x10 prints. I really enjoyed this process and would often spend hours on end losing all track of time.

In 2003, I visited an extraordinary Photographic Gallery in Northern Queensland Australia and was struck by something far greater than the wonderful collection of images. I was being presented with photography as a serious endeavour. This was definitely an ‘aha’ moment and something I’ll always look back on as a turning point in my creative life. Shortly after, I purchased my own 617 film camera and have spent a great deal of my time and energy travelling with this magnificent piece of equipment.

In life, I think it is a blessing to be excited about anything. With photography, I’m always energised by the prospect of an outstanding shot and often feel a great sense of calm when I believe I may have captured something special. I choose to shoot with traditional film as it requires a certain mental focus that, to me, represents more of a challenge and is a process that I have always enjoyed. There is something about this that I genuinely love and I believe I will continue using film until the last lab closes its doors.

I completed art school and have had a photography and graphic design business for many years. Taking care of my clients needs allows me to travel and also pursue my parallel passion – music.  But that’s another story …